Week 1
***Friday, January 15 last day to add courses.

Monday 1/11               Welcome! Go over syllabus and discuss course expectations.

Homework: Set up your WordPress Blog and send me a link. We’ll go over WordPress basics next class. For now, though, you should have a blog that I can follow. Find a 5-minute tutorial here.

Wednesday 1/13          Go over WordPress basics.

Homework: Finish blog design and make an introductory post. Write 100 words about why you decided to take DTC101, and include a picture that represents “digital culture” to you. If you have not already, email me the URL to your blog.

Friday 1/15                 Due: Blog Post #1: Introductory post
Follow up on WordPress designs. Icebreaker activity.

Homework: Read C.J. Ducasse’s essay, “Are the Humanities Worth Their Keep?” Write a 200-word blog post that explains the circumstances that motivate his title question and summarizes his answer. Be sure to offer specific examples from his essay to illustrate why he thinks the humanities are, indeed, worth their keep.


Week 2

Monday 1/18               Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observed

Wednesday 1/20          Due: Blog Post #2: Ducasse response
Discuss Ducasse.

Homework: Read William Deresiewicz’s essay, “The Neoliberal Arts.” Write a 200-word blog post that summarizes his argument and defines the key-term neoliberal. Connect his critique of STEM advocacy with Ducasse’s concerns about applied sciences. How does Deresiewicz extend Ducasse’s critique for our contemporary situation? Do you think his argument makes sense?

Friday 1/22                 Due: Blog Post #3: Deresiewicz response
Discuss Deresiewicz. Introduction to Assignment #1.

Homework: Read David Weinberger, “The Geography of Knowledge.” Post a 200-word response that explains the main differences between a library and Amazon. Feel free to add to Weinberger’s distinction by sharing your own experiences with libraries and Amazon. Be sure to explain how “geography” applies to brick-and-mortar collections differently than online spaces.


Week 3

Monday 1/25               Due: Blog Post #4: Weinberger response
Discuss Weinberger and Holland-Terrell libraries.

Homework: Sign up for a Poetry Genius account.

Wednesday 1/27
Discuss Poetry Genius, Illuminated Manuscripts, and annotation as a critical creative process. Meet groups.

Homework: Go to the Holland-Terrell libraries and find a poem that is not yet posted to Poetry Genius. Post it. And bring the book to our lab on Friday.

Friday 1/29                 Due: Library book (or at least the poem, if the book is not on loan).
Lab Day: meet at CDSC to workshop ideas for Assignment #1.

Homework: Post annotations to Poetry Genius (three on your own poem and one on a group member’s poem). Also add general information about the poem and author. Based on your annotations, write a rough draft of the close reading.


Week 4

Monday 2/1               Due: Close reading rough draft
Workshop rough drafts. Discuss close reading practices.

Homework: Complete Assignment #1         

Wednesday 2/3            Due: Assignment #1
Introduction to Assignment #2. Watch first half of Copyright Criminals.

Homework: Look up one of the artists you heard about in Copyright Criminals. Post a relevant video on your blog and explain how it relates to the documentary.

Friday 2/5                   Due: Blog Post #5: Video with explanation
Finish watching Copyright Criminals. Discuss copyright in relation to artistic production.

Homework: Read the beginning of Lawrence Lessig’s book Free Culture (pages 17-30). Write a 200-word blog post that explains his argument about “free culture” and its importance for creative production. How do we balance free use with protection of intellectual property? Find a copyrighted work of art online to include in your post. Describe how you found it.


Week 5

Monday 2/8                 Due: Blog Post #6: Lessig response
Discuss Lessig and copyright.

Homework: Read Lessig, “Recorders—Transformers—Collectors” (pages 95-115). Write a 200-word blog post that explains the limitations of “fair use” for people who make and collect creative works. Use to find a work that is no longer under copyright protection. Include it in your blog post.

Wednesday 2/10          Due: Blog Post #7: Fair use
Discuss Lessig and fair use. Begin discussing remix ideas.

Homework: Continue exploring to find material for your remix.

Friday 2/12
Discuss,,,, and more.

Homework: Continue working on your remix. Bring a version to workshop next class.


Week 6

Monday 2/15               Presidents’ Day observed

Wednesday 2/17          Due: Remix rough draft.
Workshop remix projects. Discuss artist statements.

Homework: Finish remix project and write an artist statement introducing it.

Friday 2/19                 Due: Assignment #2
Discuss projects. Introduction to Assignment #3.

Homework: Read “Intro to Digital Humanities 4B & 5A” (on visualization). Complete two exercises and post them to your blog before the end of the month.


Week 7

Monday 2/22               Professor out of town

Wednesday 2/24          Professor out of town

Friday 2/26                 Professor out of town


Week 8
***Midterm grades due Wednesday, March 2

Monday 2/29               Professor out of town

Wednesday 3/2            Due: Blog Posts #8 & #9: Two exercises from “Intro to Digital Humanities 4B & 5A.”
Discuss visualization and data. Go over basic graphs.

Homework: Read Jussi Parikka’s essay, “The Geology of Media.” Write a 200-word blog post that explains Parikka’s main idea and how it implicates you (and people you know) in a global geological crisis. Post a picture of digital devices that you own that contribute to the problem he diagnoses.

Friday 3/4                   Due: Blog Post #10: Parikka response
Discuss Parikka and look at Chris Jordan images.

Homework: Review Chris Jordan’s website and read Eugene Rosa’s essay, “Review of Chris Jordan’s Photographic and Computer Exhibition.” Write a 200-word blog post that explains Rosa’s main criticisms of Jordan and summarizes Jordan’s main strengths.


Week 9

Monday 3/7                 Due: Blog Post #11: Rosa response
Discuss Rosa and Jordan. Look at Solving the E-Waste Problem Initiative (STEP).

Homework: Find a STEP report and use data to make three or four charts or graphs. Post them to your blog with one-sentence explanations.

Wednesday 3/9            Due: Blog Post #12: STEP charts
Workshop STEP charts, hand-rendered visualizations, and critical analysis of data.

Homework: Finish working on Assignment #3.

Friday 3/11                 Due: Assignment #3 (before 5pm).
Look at data visualizations. Have an art experience.


Week 10

Monday 3/14               Spring break

Wednesday 3/16          Spring break

Friday 3/18                 Spring break


Week 11

Monday 3/21
Watch first half of Digital Nation.

Homework: Visit the Digital Nation website and read through the conversation on net activism that Douglass Rushkoff began there. Pick one example that seems especially useful to you and write a 100-word blog post about why you find it useful and how it relates to what we’ve seen so far in the documentary.

Wednesday 3/23          Due: Blog Post #13: Net activism example
Watch second half of Digital Nation.

Homework: Write a 100-word blog post that explains how the documentary treats gaming in the United States differently than gaming in South Korea. Provide specific examples to illustrate your main idea.

Friday 3/25                Due: Blog Post #14: Gaming
Discuss Digital Nation. Introduction to Assignment #4.

Homework: Read Neil Postman’s introduction to Amusing Ourselves to Death. (Here’s a comic book version.) Post a 200-word response that summarizes his main argument and explains how it echoes concerns raised in Digital Nation.


Week 12

Monday 3/28               Due: Blog Post #15: Postman response
Discuss Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death.

Wednesday 3/30          Comparative media exercise with Tarzan.

Homework: Begin thinking about online memes by making your own. You can find examples at reddit’s meme page. You can make image macro memes with MemeGen and Meme Generator. Post your example to your blog with a brief (one-sentence) explanation of the meme’s origin. Feel free to use Know Your Meme as a reference source for background context.

Friday 4/1                   Due: Blog Post #16: Meme example
Discuss memes and share examples.

Homework: Read Andrew Boyd’s essay, “Truth Is a Virus.” Write a 200-word blog post that explains how his vision of popular culture differs from Postman’s. Which vision do you find more compelling? Which resonates most with your online experience?


Week 13

Monday 4/4                 Due: Blog Post #17: Boyd response
Discuss Boyd and the political potential of memes.

Homework: Read the introduction to the Center for Media Justice report, “The Digital Culture Shift” (pages 4-14). Pick a line from the report that you think confirms or complicates Andrew Boyd’s argument. Quote it on your blog and write a short explanation of how the idea enriches your understanding of online activism.

Wednesday 4/6            Due: Blog Post #18
Discuss “The Digital Culture Shift” and look at how #BlackLivesMatter has worked as a meme.

Friday 4/8                   Discuss hyperlinks and online curation. Watch What Is Curation?

Homework: If you have not already, pick a social issue or meme and begin curating examples that exemplify its importance. Post an example to your blog and use The Curator’s Code as a standard for citing your sources. See Megan Garber’s Atlantic article for more information.


Week 14

Monday 4/11               Due: Blog Post #19: Cited meme
Discuss meme examples and citation practices.

Wednesday 4/13          Discuss blog design and organization. Sign up for presentations.

Homework: Continue working on your blog. Come to class prepared to workshop ideas for its design and your written analysis.

Friday 4/15                 Design and thesis workshop.


Week 15

Monday 4/18               Presentations

Wednesday 4/20          Presentations

Friday 4/22                 Presentations


Week 16

Monday 4/25               Presentations

Wednesday 4/27          Presentations

Friday 4/29                 Due: Cover letter for meme collection
Presentations. Farewell!